About Christian Tode

Christian Tode
I was born in Prague and at the age of 14 I got my first camera Flexaret. Even before I assisted my father in his darkroom, mix developers, fixer, toners. When came time of digital cameras I tried them too. After three years in the electronic world, in one week, several moments happened that convinced me about the return to the classical photography. I’ve got one of the issues of the magazine B & W, where were beautiful BW photos from the '50s showing American atmosphere of night clubs that time. Then my grandfather left and I found couple of glass plates from which it was immediately clear to me what it is about and how old they are- 70years

So I decided to return after many years again to the classics, and I'm glad for that. I choose the way of tradition. The degree of freedom that surrounds us today is higher then ever before. We have the ability to choose the way, what was not always obvious. This option has its drawbacks in its application and so are pouring in new and novel approaches and losing the security.

For me picture hides a lot of beauties that we can see around us, it is a mysterious world of dialogue. A world that allows you to see insight into foreign eyes. Photography is a soul of all the moments that has just disappeared. I am a pilgrim looking for his world of mist or 'brume', 

I believe that every one of us has his god and never mind how he is called and he created the natural light. 

Exhibitions:  Czech rep. 2011, Slovakia 2013, Austria 2013, Czech rep. 2014