Raw Beauties - Han Boersma - Galerie Vevais Editions (GVE)

Some individuals of delicate sensibilities find erotic art offensive, shocking and outrageous. But as Terence famously said, "Homo sum, humani nihil a me alienum puto." ("I am a human: nothing that is human is alien to me.). For some reason certain varieties of human eroticism disturb some people more then even violence and cruelty do. I often wonder why people care about the sexual behavior of other people. Are their lves so devoid of purpose that they have the time to rage about something that has nothing to do with them ?

As I wrote in another book on the erotic arts:
The mark of great art is that is forever fresh and forever rewarding. Unlike pornography, which can lose its erotic charge upon subsequent viewings and necessitate the need for fresh, new examples, true erotic art, regardless of how often it is viewed, remains easthetically compelling and sexually stimulating. The captured erotic instant must be so caught that the fire of the passion burns through time and circomstance - just as it does in the Barberini's Faun, or Rodin's similar fauness, Iris, mssageredes Dieux, in Rembrandt's etchings, in Courbet's L'Oririiging du Monde', the watercolors and drawings of Egon Schiele, in Modigliani, Pacin, Balthus, Belmer and other masters of the erotic. This is the kind of work that Han Boersma celebrates and exhibits in his RAW ART gallery: authentic ART charged with the sexual shock and thrill. (John Woods)