Life of Singularity - Yashima Mishto - JPN Books

Throughout most of our lives, many of us are plagued with this discomfort of not “fitting in.” To deal with this discomfort, most of us quickly learn how to emphasize aspects of ourselves that others find acceptable and hide the parts that are too weird to expose. We learn how to adapt, how to construct a mask that keeps us hidden and therefore, safe.
Life of a Singularity is a metaphor of each of us. It is the story of human beings, of separate singularities who try to conceal the differences that divide us.
Life of a Singularity is the story of Yashima Mishto, who passed through three phases in searching of a balance in life: Mimesis - where YM did hide himself; Clinic - where YM has been hospitalized to treat as a disease his singularity; Circus – where YM joined a Circus populated by other freaks thereby finding the peace.
Life of a Singularity is printed in a limited edition of 200 copies. Every copy is signed and numbered.