a study in FETISHISMS #2

Photographer Jonathan Leder may be considered a master of his craft. For years, Leder has photographed the female form in a manner that reminds us of nudes from an earlier time. His work does not always fully expose the subject and certainly allows for the imagination to roam free and fill in the blanks. Check out his feature film 'Promiscuities' for more references.
Leder’s latest collection of work, A Study in Fetishisms Vol. 2, is the second part of an ongoing manifesto exploring fetishism. Whereas Volume 1 explored questions of fetishism, love and the liberated female, Volume 2 homes in on fetishes involving blondes of all shapes and sizes.

Leder’s photography provides an early glimpse of the future stars of the world of modelling. Noteworthy are some early nudes of model Emily Ratajkowski before she became famous. Volume 2 is no exception, with models like Kayslee Collins, Molly Constable, Lindsay Jones, Jeanette Laven and others gracing the 64-page photo book. Both volumes of A Study in Fetishism are available now in the webshop and the Gallery.

Limited edition of 1000. 
Curated by Amy Nicole Hood.